What I knew.
All of the vocabulary that I knew before the project was: composite number, divisors, even numbers, exponents, factors, GCF's, and LCM's. I also knew what multiples,odd numbers, prime numbers, square numbers. I also knew how to make prime factorizations and venn diagrams. Glossary

What I learned.
The vocabulary that I learned from Prime Time is abundant numbers, conjectures, common factors and common multiples. I also knew how to find factors, multiples, and prime factorizations. I didn’t know what deficient numbers, dimensions, factor pairs, factorizations, and the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic. I also learned what a near-perfect number, perfect numbers, proper factors, and relatively prime numbers. I didn’t know how to find proper factors, choosing common multiples and factors, and finding factor strings.

What makes a Power Point Presentation decent?
I think that special effects make presentations good because some people are visual learners. If you put in special effects, the visual learners can understand it better. Putting color and special appearance helps them understand it better. Another thing that is good for a presentation is to have all of your information organized. If all of your information is jumbled up, it’s hard to read. So it is important to have a decent power point presentation.